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Tim Kraft’s Ecard

Owner, WordKraft
Owner, WordKraft

Here is an Electronic Business card we put together for Tim Kraft and Wordkraft to help promote their training services. This Ecard Pro video format makes it easy to show and share the Ecard via Text, Email, Web, or Social Media outlets. Someday this type of product will replace the printed business card.

So, this begs the question “Why Would Anyone Need an Electronic Business Card?”

My friend Dan Foster, the developer of the EcardPro site, put together this list:

– This is a “GREEN Product” what company is not clamoring to show off how they are good corporate citizens.

– What paper card ever has feedback as to how many times it is viewed?

– The prospective client can feature video on their site and never worry about serving the file.

– What paper card allows end user to add the card holder right into their phone without typing, how more likely is it you will make it into the phone book?

– What paper card can bring emotion and personal connection like our product can?

– What paper card can be shared on social media?

Can a paper card ever be really very cool, hip or interesting. What if anything new can be done with it. The paper card is a medium which really has just been done, how much more can be?

Thanks Dan, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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